• inked_thoughts_1991 24w

    Dying fear

    Would you notice if I was gone
    Would you miss me or would you just move on
    Would you cry
    Would you weep
    Or would you not shed a single tear for me
    Would your heart break a little everyday knowing I wasn't there
    To make it all okay
    Would you stare at the stars at night only wishing I was by your side
    Would you miss the days where we would smile and laugh
    Would you miss the days we used to have
    Will your smile not shine as bright
    Knowing that I won't be there to see it
    Will your eyes not sparkle with endless light
    Knowing you lost a star that used to light up your night
    Or I was just a girl you simply met
    Then soon you would forget
    Anything she held so dear
    You took for granted and all her fear
    That you would leave her without a tear
    Came true on the final day
    When you just turned and
    Walked away

    Alex Bayes