• omer_mujahid 30w

    City of god

    What is buried under the dust,
    In this dreadful grave of lust,
    Do you seek the pious wealth,
    In this barren land of filth,
    Flares glow and colors grow,
    Blood beneath the pretense rots,
    Stares grow in colder gazes,
    Walking straight towards the gods,
    All that shows is all a show,
    Smiles deceive and anger plots,
    Mighty shakes beneath the skin,
    Feeble roar in ugly kin,
    Master dies in pupil's eyes,
    Lessons learnt are seldom true,
    Queries asked are always dark,
    Answers seems so rare too,
    Love is sold in shiny pots,
    Hate is spread for free in lots,
    Friendship lies in wealthy streets,
    Or in fake and rotten sweets,
    Might do dwell in worth and gold,
    Or the fancy tales of old,
    Virtues lie in manuscripts,
    Or the souls that haven't wept,
    Egos rise above and sits,
    On the throne of useless wits,
    Wisdom fades in biased dusk,
    Reason fails and falls in despair,
    Art is fake and evil work,
    Truth has all become so rare.