• jokerkamki 10w

    By unknown writer

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    They don't get it but you know, you know it right?
    No matter how comfortable i get in wherever i am, if i ain't where you are, i ain't where i got be.
    I miss you but i still got a lot of shit to achieve to approve myself to come face you again.
    I want to sweep you off your feet, dazzle you with who i am and until i feel like you deserve me, not someone else better, i ain't stopping on this journey i set myself on to be the guy you'll be proud to flaunt.
    And no matter how stubborn faith gets to set someone else on my path to help me get over you, i ain't never gonna be over you, there ain't nobody who's gonna make me get me over you, i wont never allow it.
    Fuck faith, if God plans any different, fuck him too.
    You are all that makes me, me. Without you, i am just a spec of dust existing on this universe meaninglessly.
    I love you desperately.