• godslove_dignifies_u 6w

    Competition destroys

    * It has been said; "The power corrupts and corrupts absolutely". One more thing I would like to clear. Suppose, just imagine, that everyone is in a stable state of mind and there is a consciousness of evolving/growing/developing only, but there is no consciousness of competition, what would happen, how the life would be? It would be much more beautiful and happy and healthy than ever before. There is only evil in the root; that is a false and humiliating idea of completion. In the long run, the consciousness of competition has destroyed the serenity and purity of spiritual values. The same has happened with the "loving attitude". In the present scenario context it has taken the place of utility. The utilitarian attitude and the hunger of unhealthy competition has destroyed it absolutely. God knows where it would end. Surely it would end shortly in near future and the world would be a better place to live in*