• mistywins15 5w

    You and Me

    Deep in those brown eyes,
    I lose myself in your soul.
    A smile so sweet and trusting,
    I am list in your charm.
    Caring and devoted;
    How do I deserve you?
    You mean everything to me
    And if I lose you,
    Who would I be?
    I found myself within your heart.
    A long story to those who don't know us.
    You keep me in line
    But you make me want to lose control.
    You make me feel vulnerable
    And strong at the same time.
    Like I can actually be happy without feeling guilty.
    Something that I have not truly felt in a long time.
    Beautiful was never in my vocabulary
    Until you made me see that I was.
    The saddest days do not seem so dark,
    As long as you are there to make everything better.
    Not afraid to speak up
    Or drag me out of my comfort zone,
    You keep me on my tippytoes.
    We dance a routine full of emotions.
    Our song is not one forged by those around us
    But made out of what we learned.
    You make me giddy
    But know how to turn me red
    With few words.
    Always stringing me along
    But showing me the right way to go.
    Your devilish side taunting
    And leaves me wanting more.
    Angelic you can be
    When we are out together...
    Just you and me.