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    Expectations can be high but even your level of hard work needs to be high
    But sometimes, it so happens that the efforts done in order to meet the expectations has been done.
    But the reward is not worth your expectations, it does hurt.
    We reserve ourselves thinking that dreams, hopes and expectations are not meant for us.
    But life is nothing if there is no dream in it.
    You got to keep trying
    By Geethu Gopinath.
    #expectations #dreams #hope #mind #blame #myths #commands #believe #life #live #fight #strong #weak #lawoffight

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    Dear expectation,
    You never miss a chance to put me down. You know what, I hate you.
    I hate that we never get along.
    Whenever I wish for something what I get is exact opposite.
    I assume my mind works opposite or interprets the commands wrong way.
    And now the blames goes to you too mind.! Now I believe , I should restrict myself from expectations, dreams, and hope.
    All these are myths that never worked for me!!!
    -Geethu Gopinath.