• rani_shri 6w

    The very last wish from my pen....

    Aesthetic style of writing is what she holds in the mid of her thumb and index finger with all the confidences lay here. Sometimes I really wonder that a writer could also be a magician who creates magics with her pen. A random girl with extra stunning talent.

    Nothing is more wonderful than watching a girl growing with her pen and exploring the world with it.
    There are seven wonders , she's more wonderful than those. There are seven rhythms but she's more musical than those. I have seen beautiful people, she's a beauty in herself. I have seen magical things, she's a magic in herself.

    Acromatic life of one is filled up with the limitless colors of emotions that she pours on a page. She is an artist,her pen is the paint brush, the background is canvas and her emotions are the colours, togetherness of which creates the paintings of a writeup..

    Nurturing the surroundings, she's the one with thousands of lights around her,created by herself only, enlightens the world with words. Her words silently shout out the unexpressed thoughts.She creates moments, she creates history. Perhaps this is her most poignant victory. XD XD in the mid of every line is now her identity.

    Young is she,younger is her age but she turned out into a young gun whose pen is not less than a sword. The sense of her writing leaves a longstanding essence of essentialism in the words. Her nature in this nature is naturally different from others. Unbreakable she is not easy to understand but in support she's always stand by the side understanding the situational approach.

    A happiest birthday from my side dear @tengoku
    May you blow many more candles in the upcoming candy years. May your life celebrate your presence with proudest attitudes.. loads of love my dear.. Party hard. Will meet at least once before fading away..

    Happy birthday ����������������❤❤����������������



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    Happy Birthday Ananya...