• frostbittenwords 46w

    We as humans
    Are so self absorbent
    We have this obsession to make everything
    About ourselves.
    And maybe that's a good thing
    One hand clasping a poem
    And the other, the lyrics to a song
    Both written by people miles away
    Who's names mean nothing to you
    But who's work does.
    The writers didn't have you in mind when their pens spilled ink
    But we have an ability to search and find
    Ourselves in words
    To tell ourselves that we aren't alone.
    We tell ourselves to embrace our uniqueness but there is such little difference between one human and another
    The human race?
    We can all be generalized
    And it's those common things which we run on every single day.
    You. Me.
    A billionaire. A beggar on the street.
    A criminal. A saint.
    We're not so different.

    F.b. words