• _sak03_ 15w

    The parents were fighting against each other. They wanted divorce and their one little child was desperated. He wanted to live with both his mom and dad peacefully.
    But their unreasonable fight made him apart from one of them.
    He cried and cried.....for the whole night thinking that from the next day he has to live with either of them.
    Wasn't it injustice for the child?
    Hasn't he had any right to live his life peacefully?
    Thinking all these his mind permitted him to suicide.
    And he did!...
    The parents, being engaged in their fight to be divorced lost their child...
    Ahhh!!!! This story is relatable for some people.
    Who suffer this can only feel this..
    It wasn't the fault of the child that he suicided, that he was weak. It was the fault of the parents who because of their want, their fight killed their innocent child...
    So....sometimes not only children are wrong but the parents also !!

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