• manmita 10w

    Seeing her crying, she asked, "Even though it's been years since things ended, why do you go down that memory lane again and again?
    Why do you still want to hold onto something that's gone?
    Why do you still make yourself suffer
    for what's already lost?"

    Why don't you just move on?
    "You ask why, Ma?"

    To keep the memories alive in my mind for a little longer
    To keep the love alive in my heart, for a little longer
    For keeping all the little promises that we made to each other, for a little longer
    Because that's what is all left, Ma.
    The remnants of a dream we both dreamt but couldn't fulfill, the remnants of world where we could never live, clutching on to these broken pieces is what soothes my heart, somehow makes me feel a little bit more closer to what I wish I had.