• iynace 5w


    This might be the last day am ever gonna see you
    So am breathing in
    I wanna keep it all
    Am jus lost in the moment
    Short time
    Short space
    The walls, written not loyal
    l still want you for me
    Am jus being honest
    Its a dream, isn't it
    What's real, if l can't say it out
    It feels like l missed my alarm and slept in..
    Should l say it out or jus stay numb
    Timid heart is pumping
    Its pumping slow
    I don't feel it, l guess am loner
    Am confined in one corner
    Stretching my hand out
    My head is spinning round and round
    Everytime l get this vibe
    I cross these oceans of fear, in my head
    Well now, am stuck at the shore
    Noone is here
    World so dark, its pushing me down
    Tell me where to go
    Tell me what to do
    I can do it for you