• tangledmystery 5w

    To all the people out there love is life.
    Whether you love a girl or you love a boy.
    Love needs love and not skin colour and looks .
    It's one smile that can make u feel alive.
    It's that hug that's makes u strong.
    Love is life.
    Love is strength
    Love is me
    Love is us
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    I am love
    I see no shape when I spread goodness
    I see no size when I spread smiles
    I see no gender when I give support
    I see no colour when I share sadness
    I see nothing but the purity of love when happiness is all we require.
    I am love and am stitched and made up of many heartbreaks, sweetness and good scars.
    I am love.
    I'll be the blanket in the cold winter
    I'll be the umbrella in the heavy rains
    I'll be the cool breeze on a sunny day
    I'll be the pillow to wipe tears
    I'll be the strength to overcome fears.
    I'll be the perfect morning song
    I am love ..
    I don't see any obstacles.
    All I see is love everywhere.
    I found love around me and within me.