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    I have been a victim of intolerable harassment which happened with me while working in a private school. My mental condition has now crossed heights, and thus I’ve decided to open up in any case. I know my mom’s gonna kill me after reading this out of fear, because I have got threats from school before also.
    Last year while I was working in shiksha high school as an English teacher, (my hands shiver as I type further), everything was going normal till 3 months. After then when very well known personality of bikaner, mrs Seema Walia mam, under whom I was myself a student when i was a kid, joined as a principal. It was the happiest moment for me as her student to see ma’am touching heights.
    I never knew darkest days of my life would soon cover up every happiness and peace from my career and life. I was demoted from taking classes 11th and 12th to becoming class teacher of class 3rd that had a record of naughtiness. Anyways, due to my physical shortcomings i had to face difficulty in teaching by standing whole hours. I insisted that i would teach by sitting. It created a mess. I cried for help to the principal ma’am for taking back 3rd class or allowing me once to explain my problem to management. But i was been told that i am not allowed to contact any further authorities except principal.
    Shiksha high school thought I would resign, but I didn’t. I won’t feel shame in saying how they blamed me for my character.
    Daily i was been called in the principal’s office where ma’am used to shout hilariously. I could not control my tears anywhere in class nor in staff room. Thus became another issue.
    Those pin ponted words by principal still echoes in my ears.
    The very last day my mumma was called after school hours by principal to her office . I came to know about a chat history between me and naveen sir (fellow colleague of my father’s age, has 2 children, widow), where i discussed about problems i was facing with principal mam. I admit i was angry and called her sharp minded, but that is how she was/is. Based upon such chat she, and management have been threatening me. Previously many time naveen sir had sent messages that made me feel awkward. I discussed with mumma and best friend (a mam) in school. I tried to stay away and thought matter would not reach any further as we all were busy taking our classes.
    I’m telling this because i was unshamefully blamed that we (naveen and me) are planning to get married??? I mean wtf??? He was my father’s age, has 2 children, widow ? How and why would I??
    Based upon such chat between me and my other colleagues, principal and management have been threatening me throughout, after expelling me from the job, asking me remove Review about shiksha high school that i posted long back. Principal mam called me one morning and threatened me that if I don’t remove my review, the school will have right to post anything about me and it can ruin my life, career , everything.
    i feared out and thought about my character, that was all water when my mumma had to be speechless the last day in principal office. Her silence pinches my heart, and I’m opening up because we are not guilty (me and mumma).
    Thinking nothing about what happens in future, fearlessly I say that i had worst life’s experience while working with principal and management of school. I’m emptying my heart before god and dumping all the anger.
    I know there’s no one to give a job to a physically handicapped, then why fear ?? But in case you hire them for job, you don’t have bloody right to torchure them mentally or physically. No one have right to shout so loud upon a junior or teacher, no matter what. We are here because we deserve.
    I hve lived my life working hard and creating new things before the world. And i shall continue in god’s name. Amen.

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    An appeal🙏

    A story that was mine, is yours now.

    Guys it took a long year to gather up my strength to open up. It is need of the time as I can’t breathe in such frustration after knowing that what happened was not right in any sense. Please help me by spreading it as much as you can.
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    Thank you . 🌸