• kabirpalkar 9w

    I wanna be with you..
    I wanna be by your side through the tough times.. wanna hold you and hug you and kiss you..
    I wanna spend nights with you talking all night and cuddling while falling asleep..
    I wanna laugh at things together. I wanna go out late at night on warm summer nights just to act like stupid fucks..
    I wanna get high together and just stare at the stars.. I wanna cry with you..
    I wanna watch scary movies with you and even at times romantic ones..
    I wanna go on small dates.. I wanna know everything about you..
    I wanna go see your family with you.. I wanna go on walks with you..
    I wanna call you or videocall whenever we're apart even if it's for a small amount of time..
    I wanna spend lazy days with you just bumming around in our pjs..
    I want you..