• stacyswit 5w


    The champions of agony are the nefarious bunch
    Who sits on high lands and iron thrones
    Addressing the paupers in whispers
    Whilst dancing to the rhythm of their misery
    As promises made are easily broken

    The champions of agony are the highhanded thieves
    Who scam the masses and blame it on the snakes
    They are ruthless in their extortion ways
    As they loot all things inclusive of votes and souls
    Whilst dancing the dance of the doves

    The champions of agony are the first-class liars
    Who live to lie
    Lying to both man and beast
    As they claim to be the change we need
    They are the unnecessary evil in our lives

    The champions of agony are ruthless murderers
    Who fight for our freedom by day
    And turn to killers at sunset
    Preying on both man and beast
    Whilst taking selfies and dancing to our howling
    Blind eye, they turn to our cries for help

    The champions of agony are the birds of our world
    Who soars high to watch us bleed from far
    Pretending to share our pain
    As they frown in the open and laugh in the dark
    Malicious beings with the intent to destroy
    Great, they are in their terrible ways
    These monsters are the real champions of agony