• positivity_in_us 23w

    And no the world won't end,
    Your family won't disown you,
    You will not be banned to make
    New friends, you will be allowed to
    Start fresh, people lose, their husbands,
    Their wives in a flash of second,
    They are left like the items of an attic,
    By their own family, having two kids after,
    The couple divorces, and you are telling
    The world that your break up or that
    end of a friendship
    Will end your world,
    Let's be real, let's know that yes you are
    In pain, its hurting bad, true,
    But the world to end, it wont,
    Leave the desire to live, that also won't,
    Real problems are all around,
    So no your world won't collapse,
    You will be having chances,
    We will all be given mornings.