• hannah_lr 10w


    As you walk down your path alone
    There are sounds of the sea waves crashing into one another to your right
    Roaring like a lion to assurt dominance almost
    Like a white noise machine it's somewhat peaceful to the ear
    To your left you see the trees tugging at there roots trying to stay upright as the wind viciously pounds down on them
    The sound of rustling leaves
    Birds chirping in their nests
    Calming yet dangerous
    You walk this path alone because you chose to
    You built a wall around you because of these things
    A wall so high and so dense that not even a worm could wriggle its way through
    What is so easily seen as beautiful can also be seen as dangerous if you look deeper
    So instead of finding out for yourself
    You continue to see the worst in people and everything around you