• thetalkingpoet 24w

    My mind repeats them every night
    In a broken bed like a broken record.
    I try to find the answers here and there
    But the one who knows them,
    Seems to be lost.

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    Why when I want him to
    Be gone
    I still want him to
    I am torn between
    Two extremes
    I can't decide
    Whether I choose sanity
    Or go insane.
    He seems the push and pull kind
    Is he playing with my heart?
    Or is it just my mind?
    'Stop', I yell, 'Don't', I scream
    Do you know how you tear me
    To two extremes?
    I write these lines
    Time and again
    And hope some day
    You feel the same pain
    But then I wish your pain
    Becomes mine
    We walk together through
    Rain or sunshine
    Then my mind starts to replay
    All the happy memories
    That we never made
    Except in some fantasies.
    But this is real life
    And I want you to quit
    This polarity,
    Just answer me-
    I don't deserve anybody's half love
    Make it all or none.
    If this is a game
    Lets end it here
    Because the end is an ugly place
    We don't have to go there.
    All that back and forth
    Is enough to last a lifetime
    Now is the final call
    To make up your mind.
    So, I ask you, I want to know
    One last time,
    'Would you stay or rather go?'