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    Colourland Series 2 Chapter 12 Part 1

    Chapter 12
    Curtis and the Warriors

    " Now it is time " said Curtis. " I will fight Challenger, Crayon, Colourea and Warbler. " My warriors will deal with the others "

    The warriors then started getting ready with their Wind Strikes, Artby then charged for his Ultimate Light Blast. The blast was strong and knocked the warriors down but one grabbed Dove.

    Dove and the warrior were kicking each other. After that, Dove then used the Quadruple Wind Strike and hit the warrior head on.

    Grackle launched his Ultimate Wind Bomb while Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Bomb, the bombs combined to create the Ultimate Hurricane Bomb which had an intense amount of power and it blasted down the warriors.

    " What the " said a warrior.
    " Man, that does it " said another warrior. One warrior was defeated. The warriors then all got ready with their Super Wind Strikes but Artby used his Light Implosion which was just too strong and the warriors were starting to slightly struggle.

    They got up and then they used a combined kicking attack directly on Grackle.

    They surrounded Grackle and they were about to all use their Super Wind Bombs while Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Blast and Artby used his Ultimate Light Blast which created an attack called Ultimate Bright Ocean Blast. The blast was insanely strong, a giant explosion happened. Everyone was hit by it. The warriors looked almost finished.

    The warriors were able to get up and they charged their Super Wind Blasts while Grackle and Dove used their respective Wind Implosions which combined to the Sky Implosion which was too powerful and the warriors were defeated.

    Curtis then used his Ultmate Sky Blast while Crayon used his Ultimate Sky Blast and Warbler used his Ultimate Wind Blast. The attacks collided with each other. Curtis got up and he rushed towards Challenger with his Ultimate Sky Bomb while Challenger used his Ultimate Lightning Bomb. The bombs hit and both of them took damage.

    " It is a real shame that war did not happen " said Curtis. " Unfortunately now order must happen "
    " War would have brought wonders to the island "
    " Wonders ? " asked Challenger.
    " The resources would have been great for us " said Curtis.
    " What resources do you want ? " asked Colourea.
    " Well they have good corn " said Curtis. " The king wants a lot of metals as well "
    " The king will expand Bird's Isle by doing this, he will make it a better place "
    " A better place ? " asked Crayon.
    " Yes " said Curtis. " You could have been part of it, Crayon "
    " Colouruke is a part of the problem "
    " You are blaming him ? " asked Colourea. " But it's not just him "
    " Colouruke has not shown himself to be the hero we thought he was " said Curtis. " The king is not happy with him right now "
    " Right now, he thinks the highest of Warbler of your group "
    " Why him ? " asked Crayon.
    " He is the brother of Blackburnian " said Curtis.
    " But he doesn't want to fight " said Challenger.
    " I hope Blackburnian understands " said Warbler.
    " Warbler, don't do this " said Curtis. " He is hurt by that "
    " But he doesn't want to fight in this war " said Crayon.
    " But that is not what his brother wants " said Curtis. " Blackburnian wants him to join the war with him "
    " You must understand that "
    " Regardless of him wanting to fight ? " asked Colourea.
    " Warbler, you have a great brother " said Curtis.
    " Blackburnian's great "
    " I love the man, Warbler is lucky to have a brother like that "
    " Despite Warbler not wanting to fight ? " asked Challenger.
    " Yes " said Curtis. " We should continue the fight since you are not willing to accept our meals and face justice "

    Challenger charged for his Lightning Implosion while Curtis countered with his Sky Implosion. The implosions collided. They both got up. Curtis then hit Warbler with his Ultimate Sky Blast. Warbler got up but Curtis then grabbed him and threw him down.

    " It really is a shame you know " said Curtis. " Your brother Blackburnian is a great guy "
    " It is a shame that you were influenced poorly, Warbler "
    " He doesn't want to fight " said Colourea.
    " Colourea, it is because you put this on him " said Curtis. " I had thought better, but I was wrong "
    " It isn't her fault, Curtis " said Crayon.
    " But all of you are responsible in one way " said Curtis. " Blackburnian has done lots for Warbler, why go against that ?
    " He has " said Warbler. " But this war ?
    " Warbler, we know how you feel " said Curtis. " But the king wants war and so does your brother
    " You must understand "
    " I am willing to fight also, you will have advisors fighting with you "
    " Regardless of advisors wanting to fight, he doesn't want to fight " said Challenger.
    " Well you keep influencing Warbler like this and Blackburnian is really sick of it " said Curtis.
    " Regardless of him or not, it is not a war that makes sense " said Challenger.
    " Well then, let's continue the fight " said Curtis.

    Curtis then charged up his Tenfold Sky Strike while Warbler used his Ultimate Wind Bomb. The attacks hit, Curtis's attack did more damage.

    Curtis then started using the Ultimate Sky Bomb while Colourea used the Ultimate Light Bomb. The bombs hit, both of them took damage. Curtis then used the Ultimate Sky Blast, hitting down Colourea.

    Challenger then used his Light Implosion while Crayon used his own, they combined into the Sun Implosion while Curtis used the Sky Implosion. The implosions hit, all of them took damage.