• mike1m 9w

    Your Hero

    You get hurt at times,

    But I only intend to save your life.

    Your pain as sour as limes,

    Worse than being stabbed with a pocket knife.

    Suffering as much as a native slave,

    That you would rather be put in your grave.

    Getting verbally attacked by many humans,

    But your opinion is way off from by what people say.

    You are one of a kind a great woman,

    For you I would save, defend, love, and always stay.

    Girl I know you wish to be saved,

    I've known just by looking into your pretty eyes and the way you behaved.

    I can give you much love and save your life,

    I would do everything you may command just to make you my wife.

    You've been wanting a savior and a hero,

    While I've been wanting someone to save and love always to be above the number zero.

    Take my hand I promise you love and security,

    More richer than the world and Lady Liberty.

    Forever I could be your hero and your one of a kind,

    Just for your beautiful innocent eyes that blow my mind.