• zimba00 6w

    From morning.

    Yes Da ,
    Being so into everything . Even I too feel bad at some point.
    See I'm like asking Ammu from morning.
    And getting ignored for no reason . Feels sad .
    When being so close to eachother . Never hesitate to say everything to eachother .
    Its been like that .

    And don't know what happen .
    If dhudhu ma is like will I feel good.
    I'm also being sad from morning. Also something like not in a good mood.
    Still I feel yes Ammu de aduth vaak pareyan.
    Paavo even dhudhu ma is not well , after what's going on from morning even I'm not feeling good.
    Bejar aanu .


    Endaakana Bejar ayi povu. Edokke avumbo .
    It's like I never hesitate neither Ammu hesitates to talk to endayalu . Good bad illa sad happy angry endayalu ,
    It's like not I and dhudhu are facing problem .
    It's we both are together are facing problem .

    Let Ammu take her time.
    She'll be fine. .