• mihika24 5w

    MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY STRONG = enhances our lifestyle (^^)

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    How was the one to show me the light,
    Became my stick in the darkness to sense, 'Was it right?'
    The one with whom I can be the freak I am .^^. and I call that person my Knight!....
    The one to boost me up and tell me the tacts to rely on myself and fight ...
    Who can I ring me up and tell me about the motives of people that, "Is it black or white?"

    The one rests in ourselves, the one is Our " Mentality "
    Our power to think and proceed in our life and attain good virtues not virtuality ...
    Let's improve our mentality to provide a stage where each and everyone gets an opportunity to express their desires and can land to their dream destination ....