• prasannakkumar 10w

    Title: wheel of time

    wheel of time
    kept rotating and
    the breath of yours
    kept pining for my presence,
    you wished for
    the taste of a kiss
    but I was offshore
    that I hardly could soar
    your intentions,
    I tried to decipher
    your message to come at once,
    im on verge of a precipice
    to jump in or to remain
    on the shore,
    I was at crossroads
    of life, where,
    I couldn't envision
    to have a blissful courtship,
    know I became a beast
    of underworld ruling
    to hound the riches
    with the cocaine,
    a ruthless drug lord,
    I turned out to be,
    Now, there is
    no normal life to expect,
    Oh' my beloved
    sorry for the trouble,
    I broke your sanguine heart
    to hellish rumble,
    forgive me, my lover,
    cause, I can't be yours, ever.

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