• undeadpoetdespair 6w

    Chained Intentions

    I put a chain on my werewolf 
    But i called him a good boy
    Because he needs reassurance 
    He needs to know just because he likes to kill
    Doesn't mean that he is a monster

    I put a chain on my werewolf
    He howled at the moon
    A mournful sound really
    Frustrated at the obstacles
    From him, to it
    I pulled him to my chest
    Let him know that he did not have to chase it to be my pet

    I put a chain on my werewolf
    And left him tied to a tree
    For the last time as i walked away
    When I walked off; I watched myself as i went 
    I whimpered at the time we spent
    Impulse can be a wild beast
     love, a manipulative tool 
    I thought I'd rather be abandoned by this tree
    Then be the good boy of someone this cruel

    I put a chain on perspective
    Pulling it in reverse
    My impulse guided intent
    Growling as a werewolf does
    Grasping the chain of my judgement