• vaishbhat 30w

    I remember not how hunger feels like,
    for she knows when I would be hungry.
    I remember not how love feels like,
    for she is "Love" itself!
    She's the best cook, whose meals are irreplaceable. She's my caretaker, who dons my illness as hers and fights it. She's my stylist, who knows what looks best on me. She's my best friend, with whom I can pour my heart out. She's my temple, for I find warmth in sleeping on her laps. She's my morning alarm and she's my good night's song too. She's my magician, making my lost things reappear. She's a "Know-it-all" from remembering my first smile to my first pimple. She's my first teacher, I needn't say more. She's one person with whom I have had all kinds of arguments. She knows how to balance between the joy of her child's success and the pain of scolding her child. She's someone who's love and sacrifice cannot be reduced to mere words, for she deserves to be celebrated everyday for who she is. She has all feathers on her cap, and has donned every role with ease. It's obvious that everytime I talk about mom, I run short of words. But everytime I put myself into trouble, I end up saying "My mom's gonna kill me, yaar!" - a sentence I will forever regret... This Mother's Day, let us take a resolution to appreciate her everyday for everything that she is!
    © Vaishbhat

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