• parselmouth94 4w

    It's that easy

    Your parents constantly fought,
    Knew nothing about you as you were growing up.
    They survived that.

    Your tuition teacher harassed you,
    His hands up your skirt, your parents were too busy to notice there was something wrong with you.
    When you told people what you were going through, they brushed you off.
    Told a nine year old, "wear proper clothes".
    He's still doing great I guess.

    You got a boyfriend when you were 15,
    Shared everything with him, things you had always wanted to share with someone. Like your first closest friend.
    When your parents came to know, they tied you up
    Took turns hitting you, dragging you down to the ground.
    Maybe they were just frustrated with their lives, nothing better to do.
    They survived that, wow!

    The first time you told someone you liked him,
    He said he liked you back,
    But told others there was nothing between you guys.
    So you keep thinking why?
    You looked at yourself everyday.
    Feeling there were so many things wrong with you.
    He's doing great now.

    Now you're a paranoid, anxious and insecure little human being. You just need to survive that & everything will turn out just fine.
    People asking you to open up like it's that easy.
    Forget the past.

    It's that easy.