• sammiey119_sarah_p 23w


    I know I left,
    It wasn't my choice.
    I don't want to make excuses,
    I know I should've tried harder to stay.
    I know I've been gone a while,
    But darling just wait for me.
    I'll be at your call
    If only I can escape this "prison".
    If I could just grow wings and fly to you,
    Trust me I would.
    I know I seen untrustworthy now,
    But I need you to trust me now more than ever.
    I'll be back for you, you can count on that.
    So dont lose hope,
    Don't lose faith,
    Keep trusting and I'll be there before you can say I'm gone.
    Because I love you,
    And that's why I'm coming back for you.