• lakshitha123 5w


    I may be weak physically
    But i am strong mentally
    I am not everyone's cup of tea
    Some like me
    Some hate me
    Some misjudge me
    I am as strong as bull
    Because i went through hell
    Life may push me down the cliff
    But i will stand tall as a giraffe
    I stand for myself
    Because I know what is best for myself
    I may be wrong sometimes
    But mistakes makes me learn my lessons
    Mistakes do not define me
    But in fact it shapes me
    I may have hurt someone
    But i will apologize because i am human
    I may be flawed
    But being flawed is not my only trait
    I am unique
    I am authentic
    I am me
    I am proud to be me
    Affirmations are important
    Because it is good encouragement
    No one is going to pat your shoulder for motivation
    You have to practice self affirmation