• saavee 7w

    Though the song has a background of homosexual couple and acceptance by the society, it strikes a chord in every lover's heart.
    Why are we told how to love! Rather "ishq ki hadd" koi Kyu sikhata hai? Ek Dil hi khud mein bohot hai...kis kis ki parwah karenge!
    Why should a heart limit itself due to some "restrictions" created by humans for humans! It speaks volumes about the strength of love and it's undying nature..it pities the narrow, crooked thoughts of some stereotypical hypocrites who taint love as ugly, while it's most beautiful, pure and by far the best boon to human...it speaks about the courage two people in love can hold to fight literally any battle for their love to sustain, even if they aren't accepted by the society, their love won't die ..they might succumb to death but at the end their spirit would still be drenched in love!