• silent_speaker21 30w

    She was sad
    She was shattered
    She was broken into pieces
    You were the one whom she trust
    She loved you, she wanted you, just you.
    She is mine.
    My girl 🖤

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    Part 1 MY GIRL

    We were cuddling in each others arms, when she suddenly said, I love you. I reacted by kissing her casually on the left cheek and telling her I love you too. She started to glare at my eyes and with a sweet grin she kissed me back. She started speaking In a very soft voice, 'im addicted to you'. I've always been, since the day I've met you'.
    I smiled at her. She continued, I know you don't believe in first sight and you simply don't believe in the forevermore concept, but you're my best friend and I love you and I think you should know about it. Know what sweetheart, I asked in curiosity. She pointed towards my bare chest and asked you know what is this? Before I could answer, she told me, 'this is my heart and I've given it to you and I'm in a constant fear that you'd break it someday. But luckily you haven't. I trust you the most and I would love to be in this vulnerable position for the rest of my life thinking you would break my heart and Everytime you would prove me wrong.' I hugged her, she told me that she loves me and no one ever could love me more than her and that she wants to grow old with me.