• astoryleftunsaid 5w


    I've graduated from college
    But she's taking me to school everyday
    And man I love that she's educating me
    So much about who I am
    Our biology is just increasing our chemistry
    And right now
    We want to change the physics of distance between us
    And mess up the math of time.
    I'm learning the alphabets to this new language of love
    Her geography makes my scientific temper take a flight
    And the value of subjects like emotions and psychology take a whole new meaning.
    She's crafting the artist in me I never knew existed
    She's shading me in her favorite colors
    I'm more than happy to read the books of her eyes
    And memorize every word she says
    Ah! May this education of love go lifelong.
    We'd be the best classmates, teachers
    And lab partners
    She'd code me and I'd execute all the files.
    While she matches steps to my beats and we dance a treat