• i_am_palak 5w

    I don't care

    I am still confused,
    They said yesterday that I cared,
    Today they're refusing that..!
    They said when I used to make them smile,
    I was fantabulous..
    Today they're saying when I make them smile,
    I am ridiculous..
    They once told me I am like the tsunamis and the hurricanes,
    Today what I do is make them go insane..
    Sometimes.. I ask myself whether I make any sense?
    Today I am still curious to know whether it is "yes" Or "no"..
    The whole world teases and taunts me..
    The breeze plays havoc with me,
    Now, there I am a girl who doesn't gives a damn to those shits..,
    Now, there I am a girl who's always ready to say " I DON'T CARE ! ;)