• chirpersmind 5w

    The Fight

    Watch out,
    You're falling,
    (There's a voice calling)
    Still I proceed,
    To see if I'll succeed,
    Carefree of the consequences,
    Succumbing to the circumstances,
    Letting myself go,
    Who knows how ends the show.

    Alas! I fall,
    No blaming...I made the call,
    But still do have pains,
    And still not have gained,
    A moment of happiness,
    A bright hope in the moments of sadness,
    Filled with guilt,
    Was my palace built,
    But will break out soon,
    I hope I will see the moon,
    The sun and the stars,
    Will laugh again, cry too hard, love, fight, gain, loose, fall and rise,
    Gain some more scars...

    But stopping is not an option,
    Will fall and learn,
    Pay and earn,
    Die with the name,
    That she played her own game,
    Lost but stood up again,
    To fight, regret, love and lose...with no shame!