• roshni_thelove 6w

    You, Yes You Who Is Reading

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    I know, we don't know each other
    You are far away from me, and I am to you
    But there's a common chord that connects us
    There is a similarity in both of us

    Even staying at distance you are reading this
    We don't have chit-chat but we have a heart
    Which is wild, wild to write, wild to read
    Who is wild because it had it's own taste of hate
    It's wild because it knows what is Love
    It's wild because word gives strength
    To you and to your soul

    And I'm there, you can always connect,
    If you want
    I might not hold your hand,
    I might not be able to sit beside you,
    I might not be able to say
    "How beautiful you look physically?"

    But I would be there to let you know
    That you really have a beautiful heart
    I would be there to give you your space within me
    I would be there share my Love, my wisdom
    And we can actually run parallel with each other
    I'm here with you