• zenith_ 35w

    I know what I'm writing.

    And you have the superior control to skip.
    So, do as you wish.

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    When you walk in
    For there might be stains
    On the ground,
    There might be some pins too
    Waiting to scratch your dear skin.
    And if you step ahead
    You may lose your conscience;
    For they won't guide you anymore,
    They won't protect you anymore,
    They won't comfort you anymore
    And what about your skin?
    Baby, you missed that pin there!
    Don't be afraid of that
    Blood stain;
    For here are walls
    Stained of gore -
    Dingy shackles -
    All around.
    And if you step closer
    You'll smell a delicious
    Wretched love.
    And then, will you back off?
    If you say 'no', stay in please;
    For there are reasons
    You should not leave.
    A streamed hot
    Lava with fragrance
    Is ready to cover your
    Appetite needs.
    There's always a figure,
    Deep down there
    Waiting to crush you apart
    And you don't hesitate -
    You walk in -
    I'm glad you do.
    Now if you try to break the walls
    You will crush your own
    Infinities - all in a single second.
    See that's how you steal your own identity
    But don't stay in here,
    You may end up
    Being a claustrophobic.