• zaesha 5w


    My soul was wounded with betrayals and guilt that I had.
    For guilt from past 5 years and betrayals from 16 years.

    I believe that I received freedom in Christ
    My mind has been renewed and I don't remember how I felt like this before.

    The hollow in my spirit has been filled with his love and in my loneliness I'm not alone anymore.

    I've been through so much pain through harassments that I've been through it was endless and I was lifeless inside I was dying.

    I've been saved.

    I was trapped and my dreams were depicting the same, they were so graphical. I still remember them, they aren't faded, they felt like stabbing my soul, felt like internal interpretations of what I was going through.

    And now I don't feel like followed and hijacked, I feel and realized that I've been guarded now.

    I've learnt to receive and what I have now, I'll never let it go, I'll make endless efforts, the efforts which don't feel like struggling to survive, the efforts which don't feel like efforts anymore.

    I've been always struggled to express myself in reality and I just said the opposite of what I felt, this feeling is strong and I felt that I should write it.

    I felt his love, I felt an unspeakable joy, I felt an unspeakable peace.

    I wish to remain like this, I'm on bed right now going through physical pain, I'm not well but compared to what I feel now, it's nothing.

    Physical pain takes much less time to heal but when a soul is wounded it takes infinity to let it healed and make it as youthful and active like it used to.