• joohpaul 23w

    Dear God

    Thank you for the gift of heartbeats,
    Meanwhile i’m celebrating the new age,
    I’m so greatful with everything in my life,
    I’m saying this from the deepest part of my heart,

    Im still on the life race and i must run,
    Doesn’t matter if it’s for payments or just for fun,
    As i am getting older please make me wise son,
    The original me one and only Johnson,

    I’ve been through a lot they all make me stronger,
    Not only older but wise, smart and hustler,
    It happened in my life to be always Gemini,
    Cause i was born in mid june, June seventeen (17),

    Thanks goes to my family, Father and Mother,
    They raised a son, poet and a brother,
    Thank you all for the wishes on my Birthday,
    Im closing the line, Papa Happy Father’s Day.