• jerry0 5w

    Once on a busy day,
    I was on my study table
    stressing my mind on equations.
    While she was full of chocolates
    and Netflix on the couch.

    I was stressed and she was bored.

    Donning just my t-shirt she came
    pushed my chair back and
    leaning to the table
    she bit her lips and fondled her bosom
    teasing me to solve her.

    Then she pulled me closer,
    her bosom on my face now.
    But restricting me to touch
    them she said
    " They won't fuel you"
    and suddenly she turned to the table.

    Leaning upon the table,
    arching her back like a water slide,
    lifting her honeycomb to my face
    dripping of heavenly fluids.

    In her aroused voice
    she said
    "Eat me, honey".

    And I sat there licking
    all the sugars
    till she ran out of