• aaliyahgisele 5w

    One, you and me are done,
    Two, I really loved you,
    I cared about you,
    Three, you don’t even trust me,
    Do you even love me ?
    Four, I gave you everything and more,
    I cared for you even when you made my heart sore,
    Five, i don’t wanna be alive,
    I wanna drown after taking a dive,
    Six, you always assume I’m riding other guys dicks,
    Seven, I wish my life was like heaven,
    Eight, all I have for you is hate,
    You are so hard to date,
    Nine, you were nice and fine,
    Now you are the reason why things get out of line,
    Ten, it’s crazy and sad that you think I’m messing around with other men.
    I thought you were my friend,
    Maybe this is the end.