• ben_son 9w

    I met her secret love

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    Secret love

    My girl loved a man I liked the most
    She sings praises and calls his name more than mine
    She wakes in the morning to meet the man of her happiness
    I was jealous but the man was still my best friend
    And my wife called him a secret of her life

    I found his photo hidden in her purse
    I didn't cry, he was handsome and loveable
    My wife made the best choice, her man was light and truth
    It was ludicrous, she claimed to love me too
    Yet she dearly feels for another secret darling

    She got a gift, golden shine that she looks without shame
    The gift had a picture and the cross, she hid it in the Bible
    She said I should meet my old friend
    But envy blinded my fate because I wouldn't do a thing to change
    So I fell into her trap to meet her lover.

    It was one dawn before the wake of dew
    She held my hands tight and led the way
    The cold froze my face as fear scorched my inner sense
    But at least I was going to meet my old friend, who loves my wife
    She entered a building and I was astounded with my eyes wide open

    It was a church where they plan and meet
    So I asked her, 'where is he?' with a hoarse voice
    She said I should bow down and praise him too
    And that morning I fell for the blood of her trap
    Her friend was Jesus and he became my best friend again.