• alisdaire_ocaoimph 19w


    If in my words you find
    Your name, held upon my being
    Drawn within my thoughts
    That here whispers that love
    Before all the world.
    There is no other vision
    That dresses my soul
    More than to the want of you.
    I'm weary my love, my darling
    For the soul so seeks it's release
    Within those timeless gardens
    Of your love.
    My lips eagerly seek for yours
    In the dark empty hollows of time
    That here I await some delayed dawn
    To awaken my horizons and there
    Find you here.
    These arms that long to hold you
    Tight where the beating heart collides
    Against your comforting form
    And my passion runs the length
    Of the eternal moments we share.
    If not in these words my love
    Then where else in heavens boundaries
    Can be found, the sound of my voice
    Calling out upon the planes of existence
    My love.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph