• shirleydavies 27w

    Good Morning Colin

    The music sound of radio
    brings end of sleep at dawn,
    while birds outside sing loudly,
    bleary eyed, I stretch and yawn.

    You know it’s getting-up time,
    more important – food to eat,
    as you dance along the landing floor
    entwined around my feet.

    Always first downstairs to kitchen,
    waiting eager by your dish,
    with enthused anticipation
    you devour your meal of fish.

    The same routine each day
    until the weekend comes around,
    then suddenly no radio
    and no awakening sound.

    What’s happened? dawn has broken,
    the birds are all awake!
    you lift your paw to tap my head
    and give a gentle shake.

    You know what’s wrong, you’ve worked it out,
    the radio has no sound,
    you leap across to where it rests
    then push and nudge it round.

    You’ve learned that when it makes its noise
    I stir from sleep and rise,
    with dainty foot you paw at it
    in hope I’ll open eyes.

    I know your plan of action now,
    the same routine each time,
    a tap to head, wet nose in face,
    amused, I quietly lie.

    I watch your antics every time,
    You make so big a fuss,
    Though no-one would believe me,
    You special one-eyed puss.