• deoynce 10w


    She was fine just the other day. what happened to make her turn away? it was overnight she had so much hope then all of a sudden she couldn’t cope filled with wine and drugs I supposed who knows of course she was high off of those.
    she thought to leave this universe The only way out was in a hearse.
    It broke our hearts to hear her say “she did not want to stay another day”.
    I wanted things to be all right if she just not give up the fight.
    Her statement be that as it may it’s not that easy to leave or stay this universe. Of course she won’t leave she can’t you see . everything is energy.
    i’m praying and praying A miracle I ask the universe Transform this loathsome task.
    Deliver us out of this movie misery Our family tree is about bare you see. I need my loved one To find new Hope to forget the past.Continue to cope.The universe