• polymath 6w

    By unknown writer

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    In the vacuum of my rough diary,
    The beautiful scriptures you've written in the past years
    Couldn't be compared to none,
    Not even the gods possesses your supernatural ability.
    You've done it before time without number
    To proof that you're a paranormal woman,
    And now you have done it again.

    Just yesterday when the clock rings under a scorching sun,
    At exactly 4 o'clock i'm starving already,
    And the worms that swims in my pancreas mourned of hunger,
    I was told that you left some cooked potatoes in the cuisine.
    "This is specially made for my son, Abolaji,
    And if touches you will see the red side of my eyes"
    I was astounded,
    You gave a strict warning to my sisters.
    Not again mama, i'm a grown man now,
    But you have done it again.

    I've being fortunate enough to relish Odun Ileya
    with voyages down to my father's village in the last two years,
    I was lucky again this year,
    I could see mango trees, cashew and the casava I planted last winter,
    The plant has really improved a lot.
    The smiles that permeate the face of the one I regarded as Grandpa goes beyond a lean.
    "Akande, you're welcome my son,
    The road must have ushered a illy ambiance.
    Look at your gentle face repleting that of your mother".
    I was told again that you've vacated your room for me to stay,
    For other rooms have been congested with food crops
    And some were rented for foreign tenants.
    Mama, how could you have done it again?

    © Akeem S.A