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    So this is the third nd last part.must read first and second.

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    The landing

    (On sunday)
    Door bell rings...
    Yeahh coming..
    Door opens
    Oh hiii
    Hey why r u so surprised? I was supposed to come no.
    It's not like that i thought uh might have feel bored that day.
    Ohh! Scoff, that hits hard man.
    Common i was joking
    Yess. Well do uh want me to come in?
    Oh srry...come
    Sit what would uh have tea or coffee
    Well story ahead.
    God i'll tell uh for sure frst tell me tea or coffee.
    I had my breakfast right now.get me some water instead.
    have it
    Now plzz continue. Uh were saying something worst happened. What was that?
    Somehow that grp broked.
    The laughter the bond that they used to share was replaced by the fights or ego's.

    Ohh ego well it happen everytym in every phase.
    Yaaa so what happened nxt.
    Then in 11th standard we all got seperated.
    Omg! Then how did shy grl nd topper become best friend?
    The two of them got same section.
    Wowww. so now the story is gonna start..
    So tell me how when nd what happened.
    Hmm...so these two acted like backbone of each other nd they started coming closer day by day nd uh know what they used to do gossips for the whole day nd also started to share their routines like what happened the whole day nd also they used to get scold by the teachers a lot every single teacher was annoyed by the two but they fight tooo many times bcz that topper one was a house caption nd bcz of that the shy one had to sit alone the whole bloody day. But at the end they had become good friends.

    Good friends...? You were toh talking about best friends nh..?

    Are hnn waitt..
    That year passed what hapenned in12th standard is the topper one finds a need for having a coaching in her lyf for the frst tym.
    What..? Frst tymmgod my whole lyf went in a coaching itself...
    Exactly and that was the case of that shy grl also, so this topper decided to go to the coaching with the shy grl only though which was very far from the home of that topper one.
    Still she used to go..?
    Yupp...hats off to her for that.
    Nxt tym when uh will tell me story i'll make sure that i have a invitation card.
    Srry srry
    Shutupp nd continue...

    Okk so in cc they met another grl nd then that trio literally rocked.
    after cc they sometimes used to spend more tym in shy grl's place sometimes they used to have unneccesary chit chat outside the cc nd sometimes they used to go to long rides again unneccessary just for fun nd they did lot of bunks together they made projects tohether nd that to be each other's they studied together nd even in exam tym they watched web series nd that to be in maths exam nd by that tym they both got dumb in maths but still. Also they ate lot of noodles nd stuff together,sometimes the shy grl's mother used to made some dishes for them nd some times they only cook together with a lot of hustle(the three of them used to consider them a chef‍) each nd evey day they used to have a small kitty party in the shy grl's home.

    Waao...that's great.

    Yupp..nd that's it.
    The two were best friends now.

    So tell me that shy grl is uh nh...?

    Nothing lyk that.

    Oh common. tell me

    Well yes. that's me.
    How did uh get to know..?

    I'm not a stupid like uh.


    Well that smile made me know which uh carried on ur face while telling this.

    Ohh! but why didn't uh consider me as a topper.

    At the beginning uh have called a ordinary girl as shy grl nd babe i knw uh,
    U always consider urself as a ordinary grl nd tell me when did uh topped in ur whole school lyf except that in nursery hn..?

    Ohh hn how can i forget this..

    Oh hello miss i'm getting late my mum is gonna kill me...so darling wishing uh both a lot of years more of togetherness filled with joy nd happiness...nd bbye otherwise uh had to keep me in ur home only forever.

    Thnkuh nd that's great i'll tell uh more stories like that.

    ...we'll meet soon again don't worry till then u get ready with ur nxt story..okk

    Yaa sure..

    See yaa bbye..