• perpetualloser 5w

    Questions of science, Science and progress do not scream as loud as my heart��

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    I never felt like my existence changes anything;
    Never felt like I had a purpose.
    Questions hound me like I'm the scent they've been looking for;
    Why must I follow what my father dreamt for me?
    Why must I listen to that friend who knew nothing more than me?
    Why must I be a slave to the shackles of my predecessors prejudice?
    Nobody teaches you the lessons of life but everybody has an advice when you fail.
    Nobody helps when you fall, albeit they never fail to get a laugh.
    What if I don't want this cycle?
    What if I wanna break free?
    What if I don't want to live?
    What if I don't feel anything?
    What if trying becomes the same as suicide?
    What if i feel surges of nothing & everything at the same time?
    And if I say
    'Happiness is for the shallow I think
    Helping others doesn't fill the void.'
    Will you tell me I didn't try hard enough?
    Will you help me die?