• mikemike34 5w


    A mothers love without question is a feeling you can feel the love.
    A father's love Is shown in moments and will show you the toughness of love.
    A brother or sisters love is kinda like a bond yall kno everything about one another.
    A friends love is a friendship with trust and loyalty and having each others back.
    And if your lucky enough to find the love of marriage thats something that's rare these days that special connection is hard to find.
    And with all that love you get builds your selfesteem gives you confidence To do better at life regardless of what you do.........

    Now imagine you have none of those loves no mom and dad ones in jail for life and one is dead.
    No brothers or sisters.
    Didn't make friends always moving foster home to foster home school to school.
    Grew up with no love low selfesteem and no confidence.
    Never felt love so cant show any love
    when its never been felt before
    love in its in nature is feelings I believe
    so if you never felt that emotion how can you push that same emotion on another person
    Life becomes lonely and depressing
    Becoming a social outcast is the future
    No love has a way of winning at times
    And a future is never set in stone.

    Who do you think will gain the most in life someone with all the love you can find
    or someone who has no love at all??

    In my opinion if you love and are being loved that leaves you vulnerable for hurt or disappointment so your life choices are not fully your clear choices when opinions and views on life are challenging your way of thinking.
    It changes decision making so at times you may miss out on some things in life but that's a sacrifice for love right?

    With no love and no care and no one outside the box saying different points of view for you to think about your life choices are simplified into
    Two options your either gonna do something or your not.
    Either way you can live knowing it was all on you with nothing to loose and everything to gain
    The why not factor gives you sometimes the best way of life
    but sometimes it can be so wrong that it will hurt but thats nothing compared to that road before then
    So the highs and lows even out
    So getting the best of both worlds even if those worlds are love less.