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    I always wanted to write this. We the youth are so busy proving yourselves to be different that we forget where and why we started. We are different: each and everyone of us but we are not accepting, of others, we want to progress but leave everyone behind. Success cannot be enjoyed when you are alone.
    We need to bind together, we need to progress together so that no one is left behind. The mentality has to change. We should be forgiving more, learning more as we are mortal beings, everything has to left behind once we leave the earth. Then why not brighten it up a little so that others enjoy too their journey..
    We need figure out ourselves, our demons,
    Work on it,
    Fight with it,
    Make peace with ourselves then only we can progress!

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    In today's world everybody wants to be different,
    But does not want to think differently,
    Want the country to change,
    But donot want themselves to change,
    Want to achieve the moon and the stars,
    But have no clue how to do so,
    We are wired, channeled to believe the truth,
    Rather we should be questioning the truth to achieve higher understanding,
    Challenge ourselves and everything around us to achieve our best,
    And great things do take time, invest time,
    The fruits will be sweeter! And the rewards sweetest!!