• shalini_jose 6w


    On days you don't feel worth existing,
    Take a cold water shower ,
    Contemplate painless death .
    Regret not being able to succeed,
    Cry your eyes out if tears find you ,
    Bunk that online class.
    Overthink about being this way,
    Laze around till you feel better.
    Sip hot chocolate while watching your favourite show ,
    Take a break from that toxic person,
    Let the sun find you in tatters .
    Let your soul breathe freely.
    Take baby steps towards finding joy in little things,
    Make progress at your pace .
    Repeat the process whenever necessary.
    Be kind to yourself ,
    Be patient with trauma ,
    Don't let them tell you "it's a phase",
    You didn't become like this in a day or two.
    Would be ridiculous if someone told you that it would go away in a day or two .