• billybettner 6w

    Fire Light

    So you say you're cold,
    You're so unloved.
    I guess so.

    So you say you're sold
    Shriveled, and shoved
    Down so low.

    Give me a moment
    To show you how
    You glisten.

    Don't care where you went
    Just be here now
    And listen.

    You're my fire light,
    The warmth beside
    My own soul.

    Never fear the night.
    Don't weep and hide
    From your role.

    I need your love now
    More than before,
    Without you.

    I couldn't tell how,
    You've saved me more
    Than you knew.

    You're my fire light,
    The flickering
    Solid gold.

    I'll hold you so tight
    And dance and sing
    'Till we're old.